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Re: Long road vs short road to ki power (aiki, internal strength...)

I think it is a fair question.

I plan to train my whole life. More depth faster will not shorten how long I train - just how well I train.

More depth faster challenges me to grow emotionally faster. I do not pretend to be all enlightened and wonderful. I'm a jerk. Never said otherwise. I'm less of a jerk today than I was yesterday, and that keeps continuing (but I have a LOT of jerkiness to go!). With the more depth faster approach I cannot BS myself as well due to being confronted with much more direct challenges. Less depth over a longer period of time doesn't seem a logical approach towards helping with such things if you ask me.

And frankly, I certainly see no evidence that less depth slower is producing any more enlightened people - or that the slow road is even going entirely the right direction. You opened the door here - frankly, there is nothing so "responsible" about frequent attempts at social coercesion for validation and approval.

We are all imperfect people - more depth faster just seems to go to the natural conclusion - if you are nervous about people with less compassion than power attaining even more power - you might want to jump on the band wagon and make sure you have enough power to protect yourself.


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