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Re: Men and Women and Developing Internal Power


We can say that internal power is aiki, which is applied to the enemy to defeat them. How is this to translate to a women in labor, is a women with great internal power defeat her own child, or shoot the baby with ease out the birth channel like a spit wad?

Internal power has to do with generating more power that can be transferred through the body, in our case as Aikidokas, to throw the enemy to the ground with ease. Striking the enemy with internal power at the right instance- most alluding to Aikido weapons for victory. What does that have to do with giving birth.

Women don't like pain and women on the whole if they could wouldn't ever go through labor if they didn't have to as we know.

I personally feel in most instances child birth depletes the mother's energy, and doesn't produce it. It depletes her mind and body like nothing else. It takes the life out of them. Internal power is being confused with those women that have a better endurance then others. These women with better endurance that are held up over others as unrealistic models of internal power. When speaking of internal power of women it is providing women with a false image of childbirth thus, misleading women. Allowing women to think they have some great internal super power when they really don't. The only internal power women have is the ability to carry and deliver another human. That has nothing to do with the internal power of martial arts.

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