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Re: Men and Women and Developing Internal Power

You also have to look at the anatomy of birth and women. All women are different. I have seen women come into give birth in spandex aerobic outfits, Lamaze ready, in super physical condition and abandon by any attempts at Lamaze collapsing from exhaustion only after several hours in the first stage of labor.

I have seen women deliver will little pain and effort. It as if they skipped the first two stages of labor.

Then there is the ever popular express birth of a C-section. Women really requiring it are not included.

I don't marginalize women because they are able to give birth, I just glad they can do it and I can't. But to credit them for having some greater internal power then men is not accurate. It really is female sexist thinking.

My point is no two women or births are the same. How can internal power be equated with a natural biological process women have no control over (unless they get an Epidural or decide a C-section). Women are pretty much at the mercy of nature while suffering until the uncontrollable moment of birth arrives. There is nothing of Aikido or any other internal power about it. Every woman's bodies ,pregancy, Labor: pain threshold, endurance, and delivery is handled by each women differently. Each woman has a different birthing experience.

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