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Re: Men and Women and Developing Internal Power

Okie Dokie, what in the world does giving birth and Aikido's internal power even get in the same sentence? Hopefully not sounding harsh or belittling but consider the following:

1. Aikido is a martial art and not lamaze class. It was started my a male and it's roots are all male dominate systems of killing people.

2. Aikido being a Japanese art in origin and birth was started in a male dominate society. The Japanese I think up until what the 1970's had women walk 3 feet behind the men! For all those living or lived in Japan isn't still a male dominate society. Aikido has a sexist past, I am sure some women think of O'Sensei as being a male chauvinist sexist pig.

3. O'Sensei didn't write down anything I know of about giving birth, how to, techniques that use ki etc. O'Sensei audience when he wrote was to men, and not women giving birth.

4. There are no techniques in Aikido that teach giving birth or internal power and child birth.

5. Not all women think giving birth is equated with a magical experience to a Ben and Jerrys.

6. Or do all women think child birth is a one upmanship on men. Believe you me.

Aikido's internal power shouldn't be related, equated, or otherwise to child birth. Child birth isn't about defeating your enemy. To relate the two is making Aikido into something it isn't, a lamaze class. There is no way you can tell me anything in Aikido will help with child birth that Lamaze already hasn't done better, more complete, or more effective, and unlike Aikido you don't need to take ukemi for 20 years trying to learn it. Lamaze teaching methods to help women internally resist that "OH GOD GIVE ME THAT [ choice cuss word ]SHOT NOW! moment during child birth for so many women. The concept of internal power is not about that moment or the long hours of labor.

That was my noodles thrown in the pot.

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