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Re: Aikido™ and Aiki…do. Where are we at?


Over the years people have asked me - who is stronger - sensei A or sensei B. Id have to say I had no idea.

If there were 2 barbells that looked the same but had different densities. 1 weighs 1000 lbs. The other weighed 1 million lbs. and they are unmarked. If you ask me which one is heavier, I have no idea because I can't lift either of them.

I'm now yondan in aikido. I have some sense of what 1000lb sensei power is (I can budge it) and I still can't budge million pound sensei power.

I suspect that many people who can't tell the difference in Aukusawa's power compared to other aikido sensei may be facing the 1000lb - million lb problem.

I think it is telling that Ikeda sensei at 7th dan is looking into alternate sources for learning internal power. He certainly can tell- and is fairly well aware of who is heavy weight and who is a light weight in aikido.

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