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Re: Aikido™ and Aiki…do. Where are we at?

Benjamin Edelen wrote: View Post
Is the purpose of this thread to disparage the have-nots or to congratulate the have-sos? I can never tell.
Hi Benjamin
The purpose of the thread was spelled out quite clearly. I didn't want a rehash of who believes it or Mike, me or Rob, or who doesn't believe it. Enough already!

Probably due to my profession, I like to move in phases and clear goals. When I see stagnation in a project meeting or presentation, I endeavor to move the conversation forward. To that end, my goals in this thread were to address those prior Aikido™ nay sayers who now have come forward to feel, then continued in their training (not all have) , then to allow THEM to discuss their findings dilemmas, overviews, etc among and in front of the Aikido™ community, not on a separate forum.
So my request was for feedback from just those Aikido™ folks who came to train, and or feedback from those in the Aikido™ community who have now read all the reports, and if they wanted too, state why they believe THOSE folks, or do not believe THOSE folks.
Not whether or not they believe me, or Mike or Rob or Ark. But rather THOSE FOLKS from Aikido™ who now have changed their training to incorporate these skills. And that can be an interesting discussion. I have some opinions about the difficulties in training aiki in an environment that doesn’t welcome it, but I want to save that for later and hear some other opinions and feedback, maybe ask a few questions of my own.
The point being-ask them what they think- not me.

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