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Re: Aikido™ and Aiki…do. Where are we at?

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Hi William
I've no beef with you. I'm glad you have these skills. How about helping out others like Ricky. I've not met anyone in Aikido™ who can truly stand out -though I am quite sure they are there. I'm glad you're stepping up.There is simply no way you can posess these skills and not stand out head and shoulders above those around you. So, I am sure you must be well known in your area for these skills. How about helping out. Can I send some folks your way to test you and have you teach? That would help in California.
Well Dan if I sound like I have a beef with you then my apologies...I don't. I respect your skills and the opinions of those who have met you. I would welcome anyone here to come to our class and experiance our interpretation of Shoji Nishio's Aikido...I am sure that compared to yourself and the other IMA Masters here in the Aikido Website that my puny Hara has no comparision However what little skill I have I try to pass on inside the context of Aikido. Also I am much too humble and unskilled to command the respect of the masses....Most just know me as a guy that does good Ukemi and tries to open up folks to thier own pontential...There are thousands of us in Aikido.

The rest of your banter is typical and the kind of ribbing I get from my Irish Family in Boston where I was born so no worries there Boyo LOL

I hope you know I was being sincere when asking you who you knew out here who could help me and folks like me develop the internal skills you have or at least show me the right "compass heading." You consistently deflect the question or I am met with silence... No answer here or by PM...Well it's cool if you don't know...For me saying "I don't know" is completely ok and I say it often. Kind of liberating actually.

For the last few years I have seen you carry the flag on IMA/Aiki on different Budo related websites. I admire your efforts...

Perhaps someday we will meet and if I am not too old by then I would be more than happy to take Ukemi for you and experiance it first hand....

In the mean time I remain in blissfull ignorance I guess... Enjoying what little I do know of Aiki in Aikido... Irimi... Tenken... and those wonderful little spirals connecting my heart with that of my partner.

William Hazen

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