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To tell you the truth - when I joined Aikido lessons, I was very spectacle about my ability to continue practicing it.
I was sure one of my joints will "vote against it" after watching all the locks and throws...

The first month of practicing - I called myself "a person made out of joints"... (cause every time I rolled, I felt each and every one of them)...
That's way I wasn't surprised when I've started getting pains on my left shoulder.
After a visit to my doctor - I found myself retiring from Aikido with an inflammation in the shoulder strip.

Luckily, I didn't give up and instead done 3 things :
1. let my shoulder rest for 3 weeks.
2. took antibiotics.
3. went to an acupuncture and shiatsu treatment.
What can I tell you - it did the trick and my persistent finally paid off.

I'm preparing for my 5th kyu exam now, still not the best aikidoka in the dojo, but I'm working on it

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