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Re: tieing in the two threads : men and women and developing internal power

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Total aside but ...Some dude puled a knife on me and my friend (LEO) when walked to our car from the Silky Way. (I know it is not a terrible section of town, but my friend verbally provoked the street beggar and things escalated). I had just bought an iaito and had it in my hand. So it was a crocodile dundee moment. He puled his knife, I drew my sword and yelled "AWESOME!". My friend drew his gun, while the guy was running away, and had to re-holster it. I really wish I had said something better, but it's still a pretty good story.
Actually, I think that's a great line -- certainly better than "that's not a knife". I have this mental image of a guy who suddenly gets a look on his face like Santa Claus just handed him an extra set of presents, yelling, "AWESOME!" -- and the panhandler having the presence of mind to determine that a)this is not the reaction you expect to get when you pull a knife on someone and b)it's time to go now. I really wish I could have seen it.

That area has been my stompin' grounds since I first came to Boston. It's civilized enough in most ways, but for some reason it's always had the testiest panhandlers I've encountered anywhere in the city. After years of working in the 'burbs, I'm once again working downtown, and once again Silky Way is only a few blocks from my workplace. The only thing that keeps this from being a bank-buster is my inability to pick a book from the selection on their shelves. Mike's got me started, though!

Rob Liberti wrote: View Post
Back to the thread. I support Mike's position in this topic - it's much more well thought out than mine which was - just visit people and you'll instantly know if they have it or not.

He's one clueful fella, is Mike. I have no idea if I would recognize it if I encountered it, but I do know enough to not spend too many cycles trying to define it in the abstract. My question was more like 10% Socrates and 90% wiseguy: as in, "Do you know what this 'internal skill' thing, whose presence you assert or deny, is?" (for no particular value of "you"). I'm perfectly fine with "know if when I see it" as an answer.
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