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Re: Aikido™ and Aiki…do. Where are we at?

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I most certainly do not and have not ever considered Aikido™ as expressing aiki in any meaningful way, with much or most of what I have seen being either completely wrong in its approach, or just marginally in the right direction.
It reminds me of wondering how you set off from N.Y. trying to get to England and ended up in west Africa.
Time and distance.
All you need do, is give someone a compass just a few degrees off and have them set sail.
And around the mulberry bush you go. I guess unless one practices Aikido in order to learn to express Aiki it is a waste of time as all that happens is you will get "lost" After reading digital reams of you defending this view and attacking the Non Aiki Aikidoka all I can say is whats new?

If Kevin, Mark, Rob, and others can now more or less say the same things I and others have been saying for years-where do others in Aikido ™ now stand on the issue?
Is the community which has been traveling in large numbers in the wrong direction still behind relegating these discussions to Non-Aikido Martial Traditions Discussions of all non-aikido-specific martial traditions
Or is it finally realizing- by the witness of an ever increasing number of ranked Aikido™ teachers- that this is and was in fact Aiki…do all along and just that many people in Aikido™ missed it.
I stand where I have always stood...Centered relaxed and laughing...I have an open mind have been there and done that and am still willing to learn....I know Aiki and it's in Aikido....We can banter back and forth about my knowledge of it and if I really can express it blah blah I can continue to ask you to provide me with information and teachers here on the West Coast for which you contniue to remain silent... and I will still be here.... confident that while I may not be an IMA "master" my 'scant" knowledge of the Aiki in Aikido is good enough to serve me and my fellow Aikidoka...

So tell me something new....LOL

William Hazen
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