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Re: Men and Women and Developing Internal Power


I'm only attacking some of the ideas expressed as one might expect when such an idea is put before an online forum. And Dan is right, sometimes I can't control myself.

I didn't realize you were seriously not bing nice to me. I thought you were making a self deprecating joke - since you were being sarcastic yourself about me going back to Dan for him to tell me what to think and what to say - after saying how my sarcasm was so bad of me and all.

As far as irresponsible behavior goes, I just see a difference with "blame" and expected consequences. I don't blame a ball for dropping if I throw it up in the air.

If you are really mad at me, you can always chose to harness your internal power and lighten up. If not then I'm apparently too dumb to understand the depth of your light hearted internally powered responses.

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