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Re: Men and Women and Developing Internal Power

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Good morning:

Thanks for your replies.

My idea of internal strength includes being resposible for my reactions to your reactions to my ideas.

Another idea of internal stregth would be to not use sarcasm to hurt others. I think this is where I have trouble with the development of internal strength without Aikido....the philosophy as I understand it tempers the internal strength with ideas that make us want to be responsible for our words and actions.

I could bring up the story about how one Chinese tai chi master at the turn of the century would run amock in brothels, and laid claim to fame as being able to tire out all the girls without him breaking a you know in what way,
Or how about Ueshiba saying you had to have enough vitality in you to open a hole in Shouji paper

Morals and skills are separate Mary.
Much like being a master brick layer has no bearing on whether the guy is the town "#$#"$#"le
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