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Re: Men and Women and Developing Internal Power

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Good morning:

Thanks for your replies.

My idea of internal strength includes being resposible for my reactions to your reactions to my ideas.

Another idea of internal stregth would be to not use sarcasm to hurt others. I think this is where I have trouble with the development of internal strength without Aikido....the philosophy as I understand it tempers the internal strength with ideas that make us want to be responsible for our words and actions.

I hope you don't include me in that. I firmly disagree with you Kiddo. Big time-but, I'm doing so with sincere respect, not pretending to be nice. I would rather have you leave the door open so you can at least feel it, yak it over, debate over some fine wine and a good meal and maybe make a friend from unexpected places.
BTW I don't control Rob- I wouldn't even try. I don't think Sunny can control Rob...oh hell I don't think Rob controls Rob.
I prefer not to take these things too seriously. I have fun. Life's too short.

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