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Re: Men and Women and Developing Internal Power

Mary Eastland wrote: View Post
If they are so tiresome why don't you ignore them and let someone who might relate post. I think a lot of people who might be interested in talking about things other than what the few of you speak of don't post because it isn't a safe place to do so.

Blaming me for your sarcasm shows you have no internal skills...better head back to Dan's so he can tell you more of how to think and what to say.
best Mary
My position is that internal power is an umbrella term. I have some, not ALL. I can't make a baby. And I cant always appease a baby either...

If you want to be ignored that's up to you. If you want to discuss internal skills you are going to draw attention to yourself by posting on an online forum about them - and about how some men can't understand that your soft cooperative approach is so great because we can't have a baby.

Why isn't it safe for posters? No one punches through the monitor. Why can't the strength of your argument and position be the safety you rely on? There were MANY non-sarcastic points made against your position that you failed to address. Opting to shame yourself some insulation isn't going to draw out the many posters too intimidated by my post to rally to support your position.

As far as Dan and I are concerned, we argue and often. And if it gets heated it could really turn into a real fight --- and I'd lose. But that's martial arts for you. The interesting thing is that some of his women students are VERY good at aiki (relative to me for sure). I think women DO have an edge in developing soft power - I keep wanting to engage muscles that many women have given up on long ago.

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