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Re: tieing in the two threads : men and women and developing internal power

Mary Malmros wrote: View Post
Mike, thanks, you're a pal -- I'll stroll by Silky Way and pick up a copy this week. Sounds like a good place to start.
Total aside but ...Some dude puled a knife on me and my friend (LEO) when walked to our car from the Silky Way. (I know it is not a terrible section of town, but my friend verbally provoked the street beggar and things escalated). I had just bought an iaito and had it in my hand. So it was a crocodile dundee moment. He puled his knife, I drew my sword and yelled "AWESOME!". My friend drew his gun, while the guy was running away, and had to re-holster it. I really wish I had said something better, but it's still a pretty good story.

Back to the thread. I support Mike's position in this topic - it's much more well thought out than mine which was - just visit people and you'll instantly know if they have it or not.

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