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I'm feeling lucky as I'm reading you .
My longest (tough it was the only time) period was around three weeks .
I'm lucky because it happenned at the beginning of my training, so I wasn't A´kido-addict yet !

I entered my class during a year. Everybody thought I was from another club . So, when I saw them forward fall, I heard a sempa´ of mine telling another rookie : "just roll, and don't ever think !".
I fell and heard a sound like "Clac !" at my right shoulder. I didn't say anything at the moment, because I was too proud to show my pain. Then, another forward falls session came. And, since I thought I was clever , I fell on the other shoulder. "Clac !" was my only reward for my "bravery". Then, it was time to practice Iriminage. When I noticed I couldn't even higher my arms , I finished the session sitting out of the mat .
It took so long because, when you're hurt at ONE arm, you can use the other one. But, when you can't barely wash yourself, you begin to understand what anger is !

Since that funny but painful event, no more injury (thanks God and my sempa´s' carefulness )...

Mr. P

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