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Re: Aikido™ and Aiki…do. Where are we at?

Dan wrote:

I was hoping to move the conversation forward to what's next. How to remain doing Aikido™ while trying to finally learn Or to separate the training. Doing Aikido™ on opposite nights from getting together to practice Or do you train it everyday on your own? With s group from within the dojo etc.
It seems that many are really going for it and truly want it, having felt it. Which is what I thought would happen.
good question actually Dan. One a few of us our struggling with in our geographic area.

In the aikido institution or dojo, it is challenging to implement I think as a full scale thing as it requires a shift that I believe the masses are not willing to do. AND one that the few of us that have gone to a couple of workshops are not comfortable with as we are struggling with this on a personal level.

I think that Mike's post above is a good one to consider too.

What I have done is found a partner that is willing to spend sometime training with me as we fumble through this stuff. I am spending time doing solo training as well.

In addtion I am trying to move differently when I do things daily such as openning doors, walking up and down Aikido class, when I grapple, stand up out of a chair etc.

Some training occurs in the dojo and we try and do it, but it is more on a personal level. I think it will take time and most of us realize that at this point it is about personal development and not about the dojo.

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