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Re: Aikido™ and Aiki…do. Where are we at?

My edit time ran out

I had thought that there would be some questions -as yet unanswered- to be asked of those who came to test it and experience it. Not to be asked of Me, Ark or Mike, but rather of your fellow aikidoka. Why did you go? What did it feel like? How do you see it impacting the art. What happens next in your training or school?
Or, as Gernot said,
A sort of laymens thread or response from those IN aikido to those FROM aikido who went to find out and are training.
I thought it might be more interesting to talk to them.

I'd imagine at some point in time it would start to seem silly to just sit there and keep doubting and or debating what is becoming ever increasingly more obvious.
Most missed it.
I was hoping to move the conversation forward to what's next. How to remain doing Aikido™ while trying to finally learn Or to separate the training. Doing Aikido™ on opposite nights from getting together to practice Or do you train it everyday on your own? With a group from within the dojo. Rob is already thinking ahead on how it may effect everything in the art -in time. Kevin has interesting ideas, Mark M. just stopped Aikido™ alltogether to focus, etc. etc.
It seems that many are really going for it and truly want it, having felt it. Which is what I thought would happen.

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