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Re: Aikido™ and Aiki…do. Where are we at?

Hi John

To remain on point. I was asking for feedback from those who have trained in these skills and then reported back and are now training in aikido, or of the community who have read those reports, and if it impacted their view. I think I am reading from you that you have dismissed all of these people out of hand because you still don't understand what is being discussed, so their many posts are irrelevant and to be dismissed. Do you dismiss skills of Ueshiba and Takeda then? We only know about them from reports as well, and you certainly didn't understand them either.
What has meaning to you as an aikidoka?
These posters here are all your fellow aikidoka, were all naysayers or doubters, and have come back with reports?
a) Are you answering my question by stating you do not believe them and dismiss them out of hand?
b) You do believe them, but don't care?
c) You think they have no ability to judge the difference?

Again, I didn't ask for yet another discussion whether or not someone thinks these skills are real. If someone wants to discuss that there are dozens of threads in the Non Aikido forums to discuss that -please do so there. I had asked for feedback of another kind
a) From Aikidoka who have experienced them and how it is impacting their aikido,
b) From those who have read their reports and whether all these many reports have impacted their opinions, second hand as it were?

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