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Re: Men and Women and Developing Internal Power


The only thing I can tell you is that you will go round and round with Mike, Dan, and Rob until you get with them and train.

I have my own definitions, facts, and assumptions...but I think I have a little better understanding of Mike and Rob's position and definition of the collective term "internal" from their perspective now that I have trained with them a little. (I haven't gotten with Dan, but assume he is in the same camp).

What I thought was "internal" that is the whole blending, getting off the line, harmony, being at one with your opponent with "no mind" definition of internal was changed and how they view "internal" is not that at all.

It is a very definitive and measurable feel.

From my understanding of what they are doing...I can't see how you can relate child birth as a method to give you any transferrable physical skill that might be labeled internal as these guys define it.

I will give you the whole mental and spiritual area of "internal" but not the physical.

FWIW, I have witnessed over 100 births as a young Air Force Medic working in Obstetrics many years ago, including the birth of my own son! Some where easy and some where very difficult. I had one lady laughing and smiling the whole time..that was wierd!

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