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Re: tieing in the two threads : men and women and developing internal power

Sunny Liberti wrote: View Post
For internal power, there is the power to give, grow, and nurture life - and then there is tensegrity, holding multiple mental intention directions, storing power in the spine and releasing power from the spine, reverse breathing, etc.
That's where I'd disagree, I'd say the first is more an example of a western interpretation of these things, whereas for the most part the skills were more concretely defined having to do with the latter.

Sunny Liberti wrote: View Post
All I really wanted to say about this in the first place was that if all you've ever been or seen a woman birthing in terrible pain, with or without drugs, you can't speak intelligently about how it does or doesn't translate to internal skill. The phenomena are not related. If you've birthed with such passion and joy that it was an energetic experience more than physical, AND you have real internal martial skills, I'd love to hear how you feel they are related or not.
No real argument from me on that

What is funny though, I'd add cautiously that the constrictions, retractions you talked about, could overlap with a part of the things used to build internal skills
It's why monks in China do weird hanging weights from their genitalia...(there's a menu for women too, I'll leave that up to people's imaginations to figure out)

But like you said, it'd require someone with experience in both to make any kind of useful contribution on the subject
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