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Re: Am I turning to the dark side?

Bill wrote,

That's about where I'm at, too. Kevin L. has convinced me that I need to get some good ground skills even if I'm sticking with Aikido for the rest of it.
Obviously I highly recommend ground will learn alot about alot of things! At first it will be very frustrating and you will be all thumbs.

Here is my experiences. For about the first year I got my ass hammered, then I started doing okay with the other white belts, then at about 2 years into it, I started getting it on with the blue belts and feeling good about myself. That lasted for a while. Then I got my purple belt, and hooked up with some black belts and then started getting hammered again. I am still getting hammered by browns and purples. Figured out that I was not getting any better until I developed my core a little better.

So that is where I am now. So, I am now spending more time developing my core. Doing the exercises that Mike and Ark showed me are the base of this right now. I have hope that this will give me the edge I need to move on from there. I do those along with a bunch of stability ball exercises as well. No weights for a while.

Aikido practice affords me the opportunity to work on other things that are important in the process as well.

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