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Re: Circles, Triangles, Squares

good morning Aiki List members,

Today is Gesshi-no-Hi (Solstice) so I hope everyone is enjoying divine solar sankaku /maru /shikaku paradigm...there are certainly many interesting ways to view...

some list members made "off-list "contact with deep interest in the information from the Jinja may I share just a bit more:

TAKAAMAHARA= meaning is 1) the Universe 2) the High Plain of is the place of origin..the place of AMENOMINAKANUSHINOOKAMI [1st Kami] and the 15 pillars or 15 Kami of seven generations that are the source of creation...the place of Amatsukami Takamaahara is represented by a triangle.

TAKAMANOHARA= meaning is 1) the Solar System 2) the place where Amatsu Kami created the blueprint for the physical world.....the place where the supreme Kami ritual of eternal emission of divine light is performed Takamanohara is represented by a circle.

GENKAI-the Real World= IzanaginoOkami and IzanaminoOkami created the solar system as the two pillars and then descended to Onogorojima (self condensing ball/Earth) to continue their mission of creation...then the Earthly Kami continue the mission of divine creation based on truth and principle. This real world is led by Earthly Kami led by SARUTABIKO-NO-MIKOTO ( Ancestor Kami of Aikido, also known as SARUTAHIKONOOKAMI, DOUKOUJIN, OKITAMANOOKAMI, DOUSO JIN and DOUROUKUJIN etc) the Real World is represented as a square.

thank you...Happy Solstice

Koichi Barrish

Tsubaki Grand Shrine of America
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