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Re: World Games 2009 Taiwan


I am Chairman of the International Aikido Federation (IAF) and so it is I who will ultimately be responsible for recommending to the IAF Congress whether or not the IAF / Hombu will give an aikido demonstration at the World Games in Taiwan in 2009, or in Germany in 2013.

At this moment nothing has finally been decided, but the matter of competition in aikido is a major issue for the IWGA World Games. (Of course I am fully aware that Tomiki Kenji Sensei espoused a limited form of competition in aikido, for various reasons. However, I think that Tomiki Sensei's idea of competition is also somewhat different from the ideas of the IWGA.)

In this connection, there is a possibility that aikido will participate in another large international gathering, namely, the Martial Arts Games, which are being planned to take place around 2010 . The IAF has very actively been involved in the planning for these Games.

Beyond this, I am not in a position to make any comments.

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