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Re: Tracing my Philippine Aikikai Roots


"Yep, I also heard about arnold's comments. I personally saw the dismay of camar sensei when he got wind of it."

Hi Sensei Iking,

Rei! Just to be clear, I profoundly respect Sensei Omar. It was never my intention to disparage or blacken his reputation and I apologize if my comments two years ago rubbed him the wrong way. I was merely expressing my personal opinion that had he continued affiliating with the Aikikai governing body, we would not have these Hombu-snobs questioning the legitimacy of our Aikido.

With regard to the 8th dan issue, my point was that he should have been more forthcoming as to the granting body. Would you put MBA on your letterhead if you didn't go to B school? I hope you get my drift.

To reiterate, I meant no disrespect. I even uke'd for him on hard pavement lots of times because I believe in his Aikido. Lastly, I respect you too, Sensei Iking, because you introduced me to the art. Peace to all.

Best regards,

"arnold" (in lower case)
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