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Re: Aiki spirit and Hakama

Originally posted by faramos
Fellow Aikiweb Members,

The story that we're refering to can actually be found online in several different places. This story can be found at the link below. In it the reference we are able to understand that the reason for wearing a hakama dealt with the situation of the times, and that in order to maintain the practice of aikido to be open to all, there needed to be a choice made, between ego and humility. On the mat I seriously doubt anyone wearing a hakama at the time felt more able-bodied than others without hakama. This was because of course other martial arts did not wear the garment and in that the hakamaless would have exceled at other martial forms to which Aikidoka with hakama's had no training.
I think other martial arts did (do) wear hakama---iaido, kyudo, kendo all come immediately to mind, I'm sure there are others...
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