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Originally posted by Bronson
"Hakama are the trousers that the samurai wore. They were the normal wear and not designed to hide the feet or give the illusion of floating. In fact the hakama was tucked up through the belt when confrontation was imminent, just as the sleeves of the kimono were tied back with a tasuki. There were many types and syles that came in numerous colors and designs. The samurai were fond of vertical stripes as well as other patterened designs..."
Naturally we get all worked up about who and what should wear trousers. And woe unto anyone suggesting we practice in street clothes for the end of civilization surely approaches.

On safety and the hakama. Once during a breakfall my foot got caught in the hakama. I did a mid air split, my first and only one ever. I didn't get on the mat for awhile after that. Anyways, other than tripping I don't find much restriction of movement. I can still kick and move although since I don't kick terribly well that may not be saying much.

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