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Re: Hell Hath No Fury Like A Woman Scorned: Threads About Women In Aikido

WOW can't believe all the negative energy and discouraging words, it can't be Aikido.

I am glad Aikido is different for me. Aikido for me is positive energy and discouraging others isn't love.

A women I knew was shy and introverted, timid in here approach to training even though she finally took Aikido as a way of protecting herself after a terrible incident on the advice of a friend.

The dojo treated this special person no differently then others. They approached her in a traditional manner and really didn't get in touch with her. They gave her the standard lines to her concerns and issues because she was timid.

Unknown to the dojo, this young lady was raped. She was in a shopping mall parking lot. She was walking to her car while her attacker waited behind another car unseen by her. As she approached her and remotely opened the driver side door, her attacker bolted toward her in a split second coming up from behind her slamming her head into the car knocking her silly. The victim dazed and confused was quickly shoved in her car and driven away where she was violated.

The dark cloud of her life loomed over her during her first couple days of being in the dojo. The dojo approached her and treated her has a typical Aikido student. Never having a good connection to the dojo, feeling Aikido wasn't what she needed the women left.

I wonder how many of these women with such hidden needs leave Aikido, because others want them to experience Aikido in a way they think it should be. Aikido is in constant change and is changing, and was founded on change.Why should it not change.

To be at odds with new ideas isn't what I think Aikido is about. Aikido is also about love and not ugly negativity. I don't approve of that type of thing, if I call myself an Aikidoka. I want to help people and not beat them down because I disagree.
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