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Re: Am I turning to the dark side?

well, as far as sith and borg, I think they covered that a to a degree with Darth Vadar.

As far as 6th sense, (first I find the first 5 are hard enough!): When I cut happo giri, I leave my mind with the previous cut all the way until I make the next cut. I do the same in multiple attack. So when I throw someone, I leave mental focus on that person until I deal with the next person. In that way, I develop some sort of 6th sense. I used to think it also had something to do with reading people's attacks a bit - but recently I've met people who move so differently that I'm not so sure that is as much of the same type of sense as I initially thought.

I believe that 7th sense in aikido is about seeing patterns of energy in nature and how it related to what you are doing with your body in martial arts. The Harmony of Nature does a great job demonstrating this type of stuff.

8th sense is probably getting into mysticism and is getting away from what I would consider aikido.

NONE of that has much to do with internal training. That doesn't have to be the dark sde, you can be an aiki jedi if you like.

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