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Re: Can Aikido become contagious amongst the village kids?

Think of games the kids like to play and create your own Aikido version of it. For example, a common game over here to teach children to listen and follow directions is call "Simon Says." You have all the kids line up, and the teacher will say "simon says touch your toes." Then all the kids have to touch their toes, if they do anything else they have to sit down. If you just say "touch your toes" and then some touches their toe then they are out. The aikido version whould be having them stand in right hanmi, left hanmi, forward roll, back fall, backward roll, tenkan, irimi, ikkyo exercise, etc. The game ends when one child is left standings.

Another fun game is shikko soccer (football). You make your goals and then have the kids play soccer (football) but while doing shikko.

We also do shikko dodge ball. You use a light weight ball that will not hurt any child. You get all the kids in the middle of the mat with 3-4 adult volunteers. The adults will throw the ball at the kids and they have to move by shikko or rolling to get out of the way. It's a lot of fun for everyone.

To tone down the competitiveness, don't emphasis who won. Just have everyone play again. These games are great to use as something fun to do at the end of class.

Anne Marie Giri
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