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Re: Aikido & Community Service

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If your dojo doesn't, how do you think the members would react if there were a policy that members were expected to help out with certain projects during the year as part of their membership ?
I think the reaction would be pretty strongly negative, and with good reason. I don't believe that "community service", by any definition, is implied in the title "aikido dojo". Like any organization that takes up space, we have a certain basic obligation to be good neighbors, which we are: we don't park on people's lawns, we don't have late loud drunken parties, we keep up our grounds neatly, etc. But what, precisely, is the aim of compelling members to take part in some kind of "community service"? To gain brownie points? To force members to serve sensei's notion of a worthwhile cause? Maybe sensei is big on programs for preschoolers, and maybe I personally believe that the elders of our community are more underserved. Or, radical thought this, maybe I've got an elder or a young child of my own at home who needs my care and attention. Let people decide for themselves when, where, how and if to put their shoulder to the wheel. You can't compel charity.
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