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Re: Circles,triangles,Squares

We have, however, proof that Ueshiba learned Yagyu Shinkage-ryu with some degree of depth. This proof lies in the sword method of Hikitsuchi Michio. Hikitsuchi taught three sword forms, called Sho (matsu pine), Chiku (take bamboo), and Bai (ume plum). According to Meik Skoss, who trained under Hikitsuchi, "Sho" embodies Irimi the triangle; "Chiku" embodies Tenkan the circle: and "Bai" embodies Osae the square. Fascinatingly, these three kumitachi forms are modifications of forms from Yagyu Shinkage-ryu: "Sho" is Kaboku, #4 from Kuka no Tachi; "Chiku" is Settetsu, #2 from Sangakuen no Tachi; and "Bai" is Ozume, #7 from Kuka no Tachi. In essence, then, not only did Ueshiba learn a good deal of the Yagyu Shinkage-ryu curriculum, he abstracted out three different forms as a: the embodiment of what were, to him, the three fundamental principals of his art, and b. creating a curriculum, using these forms as "containers," specifically tailored to Hikitsuchi Michio.
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