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Re: Hell Hath No Fury Like A Woman Scorned: Threads About Women In Aikido

Anne Marie Giri wrote: View Post
I just do not think any of your above referenced reasons are reasons exclusively because they are women.
Yep! See the thread being hijack oh, I'd say way back on page one, was the reason for the quotes. You see it was an intermission of sorts to get people back on thinking about Aikido.

I picked women because the thread is about women. No other reason.

Bill, I hear ya.

BTW, a bit of info. What most of us wimpy guys keep to ourselves is us wimpy guys have it rough. We are always over-looked by women because we can't protect them. We are not the muscle bound always that strike fear in the hearts of men. If we are lucky we will get a woman who will protect us, but that only last until the verbal confrontation ends. Way down deep in side at that man place, we have this passion, it's a personal issue that drives us to be the hero and protect the fare maiden from the perils of the brutish rapscallions. Once we rescue them they reward us with their hearts and kisses. Fanatsy...yea, I think so. But can't a guy dream?

Heck the thread when south anyway.

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