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Re: Transmission, Inheritance, Emulation 7

Hello Allen,

Well, the issue for me in this column is the number of foreigners training at the Kobukan from 1931 till 1942, when Morihei Ueshiba moved to Iwama, and beyond (up till the time that Kisshomaru was forced to close the dojo), and in Iwama (throughout the war).

The impression I have of aikido, compared to the other martial arts, was its exclusivity and elitist quality (normal deshi requiring one or two recommendations; five required according to Hikitsuchi Sensei's ATM interview).

I have heard conflicting evidence about the number of Kobukan members around 1942 onwards: from very few, ranging to many--all soldiers (though I would wonder why the latter were there).

The evidence of the Okumura interview is interesting for me, since it conflicts with that of other shihans (admittedly younger than Okumura Sensei, but in a position to know).

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