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Re: Am I turning to the dark side?

Ron Tisdale wrote: View Post
Some other important points (crucial, I believe) is to look at ***what*** powers your waza. Is your uke off balance the moment they touch you? Can you perform your waza slowly, and still have the same unbalancing affect on uke? Can you maintain your structure under non-cooperative attacks?
Hi, Ron. You are well suited to hear my confession because it looks like you're also at a Yoshinkan school: My waza is more dependent on having good form than good movement. For instance, in Shiho nage I can keep my uke unbalanced, even when I'm working slowly as long as I have a good wristlock.

This is why I named this thread what I did. When you watch your uke's eyebrows raise, you know you're getting pain compliance, not real kuzushi. At this point in my practice, I feel like I should be getting beyond forcing non-cooperative ukes to receive the technique.

So I'm glad Uke can't do walkaways when I don't want them to. But I'm not having the magic Aiki moments I thought I'd have by now. I don't necessarily like torturing my practice partners but I'll take it over "Aiki-dance class".
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