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Ron Tisdale
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Re: Am I turning to the dark side?

Hi Bill,

I wouldn't worry about the peace and love stuff so much. I think Keith L.'s answer is a great one. Be open enough to get out and look at some different things, especially if they can provide context for aikido and where it comes from.

Some other important points (crucial, I believe) is to look at ***what*** powers your waza. Is your uke off balance the moment they touch you? Can you perform your waza slowly, and still have the same unbalancing affect on uke? Can you maintain your structure under non-cooperative attacks?

I think there are some answers to these questions, but I no longer expect someone to teach me these answers...I think we have to dig deep into our selves for these. Know your own body...and find the truly best ways to use it.


Ron Tisdale
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