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Re: Hell Hath No Fury Like A Woman Scorned: Threads About Women In Aikido

I have list 3 quotes from 3 women senseis that are Aikido stars- well known senseis. I am pointing to with these interviews of recognized senseis is a peek at personal issues; motivation, and inspiration. I thought reading over these quotes would stimulate more discussion.

Penny Bernath Sensei is first, I included a quote from a very good interview. Much of the interview and the quote has to do with this discussion.
It is a good interview, it is worth reading the full interview.

Question: How did you first start practicing Aikido?

Sensei: I started Aikido in 1973. I was 20 years old. I wanted to be able to protect myself so I was interested in taking a martial art. I visited a couple of karate dojos, but they were practicing exactly what I wanted to avoid, direct physical confrontation. I wanted to be able to protect myself without a confrontation. Then I saw an Aikido demonstration in a park. It was energetic and intriguing. It looked like a powerful dance. I signed up, telling myself -- I'm going to take this just one month at a time. Aikido was much more complicated than I expected. But, I'm still going, just taking one month at a time.
--- Penny Bernath Sensei Read interview in full.

Next insight to women is Britton Sensei

"I'm still interested in going to aikido every night because of the challenge, the physical challenge of it. I especially like to work out aerobically very hard. So at the end of class I like to be pouring sweat and totally exhausted and then I feel that that's a good day." --- Barbara Britton Sensei

Here is a great quote from DiAnne Sensei which using personal issues could play a role in achieving this.

"When you take ukemi for somebody, you have to attack them for real. And when you attack somebody, you give your life. It's like you forget about holding back anything, it's just about you and your giving." --- Lorraine DiAnne Sensei
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