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Re: Transmission, Inheritance, Emulation 7

Concerning Hikitsuchi sensei :
Here are the pieces of information that circulate among the European practitioners of the Hikitsuchi line :
- He started studying budo at a very young age thanks to his grandmother who was a naginata practitioner.
- Through her he also met O Sensei in his early teens.

Things get a bit uncertain from here, but when O Sensei met Hikitsuchi sensei after the war, he explained to him that his vision of aikido had radically changed compared to what he previously did. Hikitsuchi sensei (in an interview I cannot find now, unfortunately) also compares what was practiced before and after the war.

From here I suppose he started learning aikido before the war in Shingu, not under O Sensei but under Kubo sensei, his grandmother's reputation probably eased his admission as a student. Then came the war (1937 for Japan), and I guess Hikitsuchi Michio started his service around the age of 18 (in 1941). Kubo sensei was still the dojocho in Shingu right after the war (he is the one who admitted young Anno sensei), but it seems Hikitsuchi Michio already was a familiar figure to O Sensei.

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