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Re: Transmission, Inheritance, Emulation 7

Dear Professor,

Thanks for the huge work and amount of information you provided. I feel particularly lucky to experience a time in aikido history where such research (along with work from Stanley Pranin and Ellis Amdur, among others) can shed a light on the past and give us a deeper understanding of the art.

Reading this very informative article brings a few remarks and questions :
1- The relationship between Terry Dobson and Morihei Ueshiba, as described by you and Ellis Amdur, reminded me of the story about Jacques Payet and Gozo Shioda as described in Robert Twigger's Angry White Pyjamas, where Shioda recognises in Payet the determination and spirit he seeks in his students and allows him to continue his training in the Yoshinkai. Shioda sensei was even more involved in actual war operations than O Sensei, but he did not seem to have a problem instructing a foreigner after the war, if he proved valuable.

2- Your sentence "Ueshiba was a major figure in a military government" made me react, because it could be interpreted that :
- he was part of the army, which he was not
- he had political responsibilities and contributed to define Japan's policies and strategy.

Wouldn't it be more precise to say that he was a recognised civilian expert who was hired to instruct high level military and civilian personel in martial arts ? I just wish to establish the distinction between expertise and political power, which could be important n terms of responsibilities.

3- Aikido in Japanese Defence Forces : the link between Tokyo's riot police and the Yoshinkan is well established, and for all I know Hikitsuchi sensei was one of the prewar aikido students who served as martial arts instructors during the war, but I wonder through which channels aikido is taught to the current japanese military forces. Does Hombu send instructors ? Is there an all-military aikido organisation ?

Thanks again for your efforts.

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