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Re: Hell Hath No Fury Like A Woman Scorned: Threads About Women In Aikido

Anne Marie Giri wrote: View Post
I think it would be better to say that we, more often than men need a personal connection with the people we train with rather than having a personal issue. I have noticed that not all women are like this and men need a personal connection, too.
Speaking just for myself, that was one of the reasons why I took up Aikido. The primary reason was to supplement my Iaido training (i.e., to learn empty-hand techniques to complement the sword work). I'm one of the three women in my Iaido group - and often the only female on the mat. I took an Aikido college course back in my undergrad days, so I was *vaguely* familiar with it (though I remembered squat in terms of actual technique). I also knew that it attracts more women than most other martial arts, which was another reason why I joined. The personal connection (which I was *not* getting from the guys in Iaido) was also important to me.

So, no...I wasn't motivated by anger, or some other personal issue. I wasn't even motivated by the self-defense factor; I had previous training in TKD and was fairly confident in my abilities to reasonably defend myself. And I was NOT - and still NOT - looking for a boyfriend, soulmate, etc. Making friends along the way (both male and female) was an added bonus, but my motivation from Day One was to simply TRAIN.

"The ultimate aim of martial arts is not having to use them." - Miyamoto Musashi
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