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Re: Hell Hath No Fury Like A Woman Scorned: Threads About Women In Aikido

Anne Marie Giri wrote:
I think your post raises some thought points as to a woman's motivation for training in aikido. I really would hate to see this thread degrade into another "gender war" thread. Let's really discuss your post without the offense and insults, okay?

Thank You.

Cool. I don't want that either. I too think understanding what motivates and what doesn't motivate women, not assuming it is the same for men, is a way to communicate better in so many different ways in the dojo. The great benefit is that it broadens the Aikido experience for both men and women. I personally like to see women training in Aikido.
Golf Clap for Anne and Phillip, good job. As I said before, you had a fine intention, but it was broached a little rough.

I understood your original post, I understood your frustrated sarcasm, and sarcasm has a way of getting lost in the written word, but I had the context. Without putting our words and actions in the context of the audience, we run the risk of garnering unexpected reactions.

Imagine someone walking briskly toward you without sign of slowing. Sure, their intent was to simply shake your hand, but well, you read it wrong, and now they're on the ground.

Etiquette, words, self defense tactics, they are all contextual, and certain criteria need to be met before any and all interactions may proceed without hiccups. What followed your first post was just one of those hiccups. No harm no foul though. I believe you dig the ladies as well as they deserve. Dig meaning respect.


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