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Confused Re: Hell Hath No Fury Like A Woman Scorned: Threads About Women In Aikido

Janet read my post as it was intended. Where did saying that I have had slight experience with sexism in aikido and that the super-great majority of men (99%) that I train with treat me with respect some how convey to you Buck that I am acting out based on victimization? I only said that the whole "women issue" is a non-issue for me as a woman and I asked you to please not take the the whole "women issue" out of perspective - which unfortunately often happens when this "issue" is discussed and which has happened again in this thread.

I did try to address what I thought was the point of the study you pointed out -- that women tend to me more personal. I think in some ways there is a tendency for some women to be more personal in their training by seeking out social connections with other members of the dojo. I, however, disagree, that we are personal in the way we act out aggression and that is some how the motivation in practicing or not practicing aikido. Yes, I do take offense to being compared to a female gangbanger. I'm sorry if my objection to your post upset you Buck, but you are on an internet discussion board and people will disagree with you.

I was hoping that the conversation about a woman's motivation for practicing aikido would have evolved out of this and perhaps some women would speak up and say "yes, I like more personal connections on the mat" or say, "no, I do feel like that at all." Maybe some sensei would speak and say that in their dojo they see that more women tend to be the ones to organized social events or that they don't see the whole aggression thing either.

I am truly surprised as to the response to my post Buck. I do not think I could have worded it any more thoughtfully or reasonably. I define "knee jerk response" as a reactive rather than proactive impression from your post. My first paragraph described that. After that, I utilized transitional language to describe a proactive response rather than a reactive one. I anticipated that you would have followed that transition and realized that I was no longer being reactive. Especially with the use of the smiley: I did not use this smiley: So where did you get the idea I was angry and emotional? confused smiley:

I think your post raises some thought points as to a woman's motivation for training in aikido. I really would hate to see this thread degrade into another "gender war" thread. Let's really discuss your post without the offense and insults, okay?

Thank You.

Anne Marie Giri
Women in Aikido: a place where us gals can come together and chat about aikido.
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