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Re: Hell Hath No Fury Like A Woman Scorned: Threads About Women In Aikido

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Actually, Phil, I would offer that communication and understanding are severely lacking in this thread. Our lady compatriots are not getting the gist(understanding) of your intention. And you are, quite frankly, not saying it very well(communication).

I mean, the very fact that you are getting unexpectedly aggressive replys might suggest that your thesis is less than appealing, and so, less than founded. I would suggest that as either male or female aikidoka develop in the art, that the threshold for committing a violent act, be it aiki or otherwise, is both broadened and heavily influenced by personal factors. ie, it shows a reduction in indiscriminate (or perhaps less discriminate) violence/aggression.

Or I could more simply say that anyone who belittles the female capacity for violence (emotional or physical), just hasn't been around enough of them

yada yada yada.

Just curious, Phillip, are you multilingual?

Someone get the cheese, here comes the whine.
I respectfully disagree.

I am getting aggressive replies because those individuals are doing so is because they choose too. Anything short of saying all women are victimized by oppressing all men who are insensitive evil sexist monsters with equally sized egos will get negative response from these individuals. If you don't agree with them, you are the enemy.

My purpose was to highlight a positive. Because it was a positive in understanding women, it was seen by some as an opportunity and a threat. Because of that, my observations and myself where attacked and are being attacked.

It is time to move on. As I do, I want to say that understanding objectively that women need a strong motivator to attract and keep women interested in Aikido may solve many previous issues and change the way women are approached in Aikido. This may not be said as pretty, or a specific, etc. that some want to hear it. They will find it an opportunity to be offended or use it to attack others. I do feel bad that there are those who want to sabotage the friendship and dampen the understanding that does happen between women and men in Aikido.

I think everyone can benefit from what I learned from a female expert on female behavior. There is nothing wrong in my world to take something seemingly negative like the information I took and then turn it into something positive that will benefit ALL those in Aikido. Which I am proud and honored to be a part of.

This really has been a learning experience.

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