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A chance to retreat

Dathan Camacho wrote: View Post
But - if you put that in the context of a bar fight or something, where that pin, albeit temporarily painful, might prevent someone from doing something stupid and maybe going to jail, you could construe the pin, and the pain that accompanied it, as an act of love.
Nishio sensei regarded every irimi entrance as giving the attacker a chance to stop the attack and retreat. This way, he saw aikido as a forgiving budo. His way of doing the aikido techniques usually contained not just one, but several moments where the attacker had a chance to halt and step back.

Where there is a winner, there will be a loser. I think that Osensei was aiming at a budo with neither, to do away with fighting completely.
It is an ideal, difficult to realize - but I think it should be strived for.
And oddly enough, this attitude leads to the most superior techniques.

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