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Re: Hell Hath No Fury Like A Woman Scorned: Threads About Women In Aikido

At least at my dojo, I find the most of the yudansha are better at treating the women more equally than the newbies. Maybe the true meaning of aikido has become part of their philosophy, maybe purely through experience they have come in contact with "good" women, and it doesn't phase them anymore. One fairly new guy is over 50, has his own company, and is very strong. He usually stops me and I find myself fighting against him. I often ask myself, what is his issue? Does he stop everyone? Does he find it difficult to accept advice (doesn't listen to a word of mine) from a foreign female who is 20 years younger than he is? our ego can be a burden. It goes so beyond just gender. As women we sometimes expect a brake since we know we aren't as strong. Or then we feel irritated that they don't give an honest attack. As men do you feel like you have to prove how strong you are? If you are older, do you have to prove your wisdom? If you are yudansha, do you have to prove your skill? The thing that is so great about my sensei is that his attack is always slightly stronger than what we could maneuver with strength. You really have to do the technique correctly, or he overpowers you. What does it say about me, if I get slight pleasure out of seeing the guys that are really strong unable to move him, because they don't concentrate on the flow and timing of the technique, they always rely on their strength. I hope that someday I can interact with people like this and not think anything of it.
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