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Re: Hell Hath No Fury Like A Woman Scorned: Threads About Women In Aikido

Phillip wrote:
What is at hand in understanding something not readily known about females that possible could help with many issues faced by both sexes in the dojo. Communication and understanding is the way of peace. But alas, it has gone sour.
Actually, Phil, I would offer that communication and understanding are severely lacking in this thread. Our lady compatriots are not getting the gist(understanding) of your intention. And you are, quite frankly, not saying it very well(communication).

I mean, the very fact that you are getting unexpectedly aggressive replys might suggest that your thesis is less than appealing, and so, less than founded. I would suggest that as either male or female aikidoka develop in the art, that the threshold for committing a violent act, be it aiki or otherwise, is both broadened and heavily influenced by personal factors. ie, it shows a reduction in indiscriminate (or perhaps less discriminate) violence/aggression.

Or I could more simply say that anyone who belittles the female capacity for violence (emotional or physical), just hasn't been around enough of them

yada yada yada.

Just curious, Phillip, are you multilingual?


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