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Re: Hell Hath No Fury Like A Woman Scorned: Threads About Women In Aikido

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I'm confused. Mary and Ann, at least as I'm reading it, are saying, nope no issue. We'se people. Philip, how do you read that as separating? I read it as uniting.
Me, I don't really give a whatever how many women do or don't train in aikido. My only concern is that those of us who do train are treated equitably, and in my own experience, as dojo member or visitor, that has never been a problem.
It is funny how topics get out of shape. Seems lots of people have issues with the opposite sex, and themselves- they have no inner peace. All I said was hey, this might work and wham! I don't recognize the anything being said. Talk about ideomotor response.

Janet to answer your question, I don't know anything about not having or having an issue or uniting or not uniting. I can't answer your question. I am not even talking about respect or lack of it, well maybe for us wimpy short guys who are not the Alpha males top on the female mating list- we git no respect! I am talking about a solution that may apply to many problems.

What is at hand in understanding something not readily known about females that possible could help with many issues faced by both sexes in the dojo. Communication and understanding is the way of peace. But alas, it has gone sour.

For this jewel of information that I stumbled on which I never knew about is highly valuable to me. For now I have a tool for better understanding that leads to greater learning, teaching, and for greater harmony in mine and those women who seek or are involved in the Aikido experience. At least the nice ones, not the mean ones. I feel I am a rich man because now I understand.

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