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Re: Hell Hath No Fury Like A Woman Scorned: Threads About Women In Aikido

Mary and Ann, I don't know you, but there are allot of mean things you are saying. But could there be a personal issue behind your words and attitudes? With such strongly worded attitudes, I wonder if there is hope for humanity- women are a part of it too, they have an equal responsibility.

It seems you don't want to find harmony and rather would keep the conflict between men and women alive.

In your words if you replaced women with men, it would be no different then the men you seem to be at odds with. We are not all like what you makes us out to be. And I don't know if your attitudes do justify your group dynamics, and women only club- No boys allow. But, from how you say things I can't think otherwise.

Maybe if O'Sensei (which I guess is not vogue any more and for not knowing the proper title) was a women you two would feel more comfortable, I don't know. But your strong attitudes in my mind are from a personal issue, which is nothing more then a red flag. And all I see is a power struggle and nothing interpersonal. Mary your safe, flashing your teeth did scare me, no need to worry, I am not trying to figure you out and expose you in anyway. My purpose is rooted in humanity, finding common ground to find harmony, hoping to help other to do the same. I care about the community. It is an Athenian thing to do. I am not concern if O'Sensei was a male or female, I am concerned that he was a good Athenian.

Anne, one last thing you have a website just for females, yet you partake in a board open to both sexes, why?

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