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Hell Hath No Fury Like A Woman Scorned: Threads About Women In Aikido

Wow! I can't start to comprehend all the discussions here about men and women. For instance, who is the strongest, which sex is better at..., why there are more men in Aikido then women etc. I just had to wipe my brow in a sigh of relief after that.

I didn't search all the threads here about men and women, I might be digging up a Zombie but here goes it.

It is interesting to me and it may apply to many a thread that women are motivated to be violent, to be motivate to protect themselves, etc. when a personal issue is involved. Whereas men don't need a person issue to motivate them to fight, be violent, etc.

A women's motivator is far different then what motivates men (that doesn't take much). A women has to have a personal issue. For some women that personal issue has to be very very personal.

I believe this is the major answer to many a discussion about women and Aikido, from recruiting women into the dojo, the low numbers of women in the dojo, to the drop out rates, to why women sign on to Aikido and those who stick with it, to those disgruntled because of the way they are treated in a dojo. I don't even know if women realize it themselves that a key motivator for them to is personal issues. Heck men don't at all.

I bring this up because I was watching a documentary on female gang members. One of the experts had said the difference between what makes women do violence then men is that women have to have a personal issue as a reason to commit violence. Hell hath no fury like a women scorned! Maybe that saying has more insight and is taken too lightly, and need to addressed more in depth in discussions. I think it is the answer to many of the discussion about women and Aikido.

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