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Re: Aikido goals

Well It has been almost half a year since I posted this so I figure its time to review the goals.

Learn how to relax and place trust in my uke as this is something I have trouble with.--And I still do. I think I am getting better but the members of my class are still noting how tense I get sometimes.

Realise that break falls are not that scary and will not hurt. Much. Well for long. Likewise with every new move and concept in class.
Well Still can not do these. I would love to be able to but its an ongoing process. Very hit and miss, (mostly miss)

Work on having some patience with myself.
I think this is the one I have made the most progress with. Yes I still get frustrated with myself sometimes but not as often as I did. And I can shake it off quicker and get stuck back in without dwelling on any mistakes.

And whilst I know its all about the journey and it's great to take the scenic route through the aikido path it would be nice to end 2008 as a green belt.
Whilst still a possibility I think orange may be more realistic. Now to actually pass a grading!
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